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How does this service differ from any of the hundreds of military job fairs and resume databases out there?

Think back to the last military job fair you attended.  The one with dozens of employers, many of which you had never heard of or that did not offer the types of jobs you were interested in pursuing.  The one where you stood in line for 20 minutes to spend 2 minutes speaking with a recruiter who basically used the time to tell you to apply online.

Military Skilled Trades doesn’t offer those kinds of events.

And – have you ever submitted your resume to a GIANT military database, only to be contacted by schools, franchise sales people or employers who clearly are trying to pitch a role that has nothing to do with your experience?

Yeah – this is not that kind of resume database.

Military Skilled Trades career fairs are designed to be smaller events with fewer employers, but all the employers are seeking your skill set.  And, because they are smaller events, you can spend a lot more time speaking with the recruiters and receiving in-depth advice, guidance and assistance with selecting the most appropriate job postings.  Some employers may even be conducting same-day interviews.  Imagine walking into a job fair and walking out with a job!

Our database is seen only by employers who have skilled trades job openings.  And, these are large, brand name employers with hundreds or thousands of these types of openings nationwide, all year long.  So, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be spammed about opportunities that are not in line with your skills.

What types of employers should I expect to see participating?

Each of the physical events will have a different mix of employers.  You can expect that employers in these industries will have an interest in your skills:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Oil/Gas
  • Transportation (planes, trains and automobiles)
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance (whaa?)

Are you surprised the insurance industry needs you?  Well, if a company submits an insurance claim for a damaged crane or back hoe or boat or needs a commercial boiler inspected, the people inspecting those pieces of equipment have to be familiar with how the equipment is supposed to look and operate.

So, don’t ignore any insurance companies that participate.  They aren’t there trying to convince you to take a job selling insurance.

Where can I see a list of all employers who might be viewing my profile on Military Skilled Trades?

Click the link to see the list of currently participating employers.  Click on any employer logo to see the company’s landing page with the career fairs they are attending (if any) and the “hot jobs” they are seeking to fill with your skilled trades experience.

Who is eligible to participate?

Registration for any Military Skilled Trades physical events and/or the resume database is open to active / guard / reserve military members and veterans who have experience in the skilled trades.  That experience can come from training you received in the military or training you have received in a civilian capacity.

What types of skilled trade experience are employers seeking?

Our highest demands are for service members and veterans with “hands on” backgrounds in, but not limited to, welding, fabrication, coating/painting, electrical, maintenance, HVAC, plumbing, pipe fitting, construction, rigging, telecommunications, truck driving and industrial machinery.

There is also a need for those with supervisory experience of personnel who perform that kind of work and who have performed project management oversight of that kind of work, so senior enlisted and officers are also encouraged to participate.

Is there a cost for service members to participate in either the physical events or the resume database?

There is no cost for service members to participate in either the physical career fairs or the resume database.  Service members do incur any lodging/transportation costs to get to a physical career fair that is outside of a reasonable commute from their location.

What info will I need to provide to register?

Service members are asked to provide the following information when registering for physical events and/or the resume database:

  • Basics: name, current location, email, phone number
  • A current resume
  • Service, branch, grade/rank and separation/retirement date (active or veteran)
  • Any relevant skilled trades licenses or certifications you may hold
  • Indication of whether you are interested in participating in a registered apprenticeships
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Indication of whether you are open to relocation (yes/no) for the right job and, if yes, to which region(s) (check from list)
  • Self-identification if you meet one of the “protected veteran” categories for federal contract compliance tracking (yes/no or “I choose not to disclose”)

For the career fairs, do I have to register in advance or can I just walk up on day of event?

While we can accept walk up registrations, we strongly encourage you to register in advance for a physical event.  Advance registration allows us to communicate better with you and prepare you for the event you are attending.  For example:  those registering in advance will be the first to learn if there are employers who will be conducting on-site interviews, and will be able to schedule an interview time slot with the employer. A walk-up may not learn of on-site interviews until arrival and all interview slots may already be booked by then.

Advance registration also allows us to let the employers know more about the demographics of the service members attending a particular event.  For example, if we see a number of aviation mechanics attending a specific event, we can alert the employers who have a high demand for that skill set that they should attend the event in person.

When and where are the physical events being held?

Military Skilled Trades career fairs will occur in more than 20 cities each year.  The full schedule is listed on the career fair page.  The exact location of each fair will be released at least 6 weeks in advance of the event.  Fairs will be held off-installation at a local hotel, conference center or other appropriate-sized facility.

How can I best prepare to meet employers in person at the career fairs?

The most important thing you can do is pre-register by creating your profile and then indicate which career fair you plan to attend. Pre-registration allows us to communicate more effectively with you to set you up for success at the career fair.

We will alert you when new employers have registered to attend your location and the skills they are seeking, so you have time to do some research.

We will also notify you if an employer is conducting same-day interviews at a particular event and any steps you need to take in advance in order to schedule an interview.

Other than do your research, we suggest arriving to the career fair early while the recruiters are “fresh” and ready to speak with you.  Clear your schedule so you have time to meet with every employer in the room.

Bring at least 5-10 copies of your resume so the recruiter can look at it while he/she is speaking with you.

Military uniform is OK if you are coming straight from work; otherwise:

Men: Golf shirt or other collared sleeved shirt and pants (khakis, Dockers, etc.) is fine.  Suits are overkill for skilled trades roles.

Women: Sleeved dress or shirt/sweater and skirt or pants.

What option do I have if I cannot participate in a physical event?

If you are unable to get to a physical event, due to geography or schedule constraints, we ask that you create a profile in the Military Skilled Trades database and upload a resume (if you have one) for virtual consideration by participating employers.

While you won’t have the face-to-face opportunity that comes with attending a physical career fair, know that your profiles are still being continuously considered by all participating employers.  If a recruiter sees a potential match between your experience + geographic preference, he/she will reach out to you directly to discuss further.

The Value Of a Veteran does not recruit (“head hunt”) on behalf of any employer.  All employers are responsible for their own recruiting.

How do I register for a physical event or for inclusion in the resume database?

The link to register for physical events and inclusion the resume database are found on the “registration” page.

Military, Veterans and Spouses – Veterati, in partnership with Military Skilled Trades, is pleased to offer you free access to mentors who can:

  • Review and critique your resume
  • Help you develop an elevator pitch
  • Offer advice on how to stand out at a networking event
  • Provide tips for maximizing your participation in a career fair
  • Advice on which license or certification you should select for your industry
  • Much more!

Simply create a profile at and indicate what advice you are seeking.  Veterati will match you to one of hundreds of mentors who will help you.  Talk to as many mentors as you wish and ask as many questions as you need to.