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How does this service differ from any of the hundreds of military job fairs out there?

Think back to the last military job fair you attended.  The one with dozens of employers, many of which you had never heard of or that did not offer the types of jobs you were interested in pursuing.  The one where you stood in line for 20 minutes to spend 2 minutes speaking with a recruiter who basically used the time to tell you to apply online.

Military Skilled Trades doesn’t offer those kinds of events.

Military Skilled Trades virtual employer information sessions are designed to be smaller events with fewer employers, but all the employers are seeking your skill set.  And, because they are smaller events, you can spend a lot more time speaking with the recruiters and receiving in-depth advice, guidance and assistance with selecting the most appropriate job postings. 

What types of employers should I expect to see participating?

Each of the virtual information events will have a different mix of employers.  You can expect that employers in these industries will have an interest in your skills:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Oil/Gas
  • Transportation (planes, trains and automobiles)
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance (whaa?)

Are you surprised the insurance industry needs you?  Well, if a company submits an insurance claim for a damaged crane or back hoe or boat or needs a commercial boiler inspected, the people inspecting those pieces of equipment have to be familiar with how the equipment is supposed to look and operate.

So, don’t ignore any insurance companies that participate.  They aren’t there trying to convince you to take a job selling insurance.

Where can I see a list of all employers who are attending a Military Skilled Trades event?

Approximately 10 days before an event we will publish the list of employers who are attending that event on the Monthly Virtual Information Sessions page.

Who is eligible to participate?

Registration for any Military Skilled Trades virtual event is open to active / guard / reserve military members, veterans and military spouses who have recent experience in the skilled trades.  That experience can come from training you received in the military or training you have received in a civilian capacity.

What types of skilled trade experience are employers seeking?

Our highest demands are for service members and veterans with “hands on” backgrounds in, but not limited to, avionics, welding, fabrication, coating/painting, electrical, maintenance, HVAC, plumbing, pipe fitting, construction, operations, production, rigging, security / law enforcement, telecommunications, truck driving and industrial machinery.

There is also a need for those with supervisory experience of personnel who perform that kind of work and who have performed project management oversight of that kind of work, so senior enlisted and officers are also encouraged to participate.

If you are not sure if your background would be considered “skilled trades”, send a quick email to and ask.

Is there a cost for service members to participate in the virtual events?

There is no cost for service members to participate in the monthly virtual information sessions.

What info will I need to provide to register?

Service members are asked to provide the following information when registering:

  • Basics: name, email
  • Phone number (optional, but strongly suggested)
  • A short description of any relevant skilled trades experience, licenses or certifications you may hold
  • Indication of whether you are open to relocation (yes/no)

For the virtual information sessions, do I have to register in advance or can I just sign up on day of event?

You can do either.

If you are able to register at least 1 day in advance, you will be pre-assigned into a breakout room by degree. This can save you time once the event starts.

If you register the day of the event, once you join the event you will need to ask the event host to assign you into a breakout room so you can connect with employers. Know that if a lot of people wait until the day of an event to register, you may need to wait in a queue until the host can assign you.

How do virtual information sessions work?

Virtual information sessions allow military / veterans / spouses to network with employers and learn general info about careers and specifics about open positions at various companies without the need to travel or take significant time off of work. They also are held monthly, so you don’t have to wait very long for an opportunity to meet with employers, and you can attend as many virtual information sessions as you like.

Recruiters will be clearly identified by company name (i.e., Suzie / ABC Company). You may initiate a chat with any recruiter.  Some recruiters may have a short presentation they will show in the breakout room.

How can I best prepare to meet employers during the virtual information sessions?

Other than doing some research on participating employers, we suggest joining the virtual information session early while the recruiters are “fresh” and ready to speak with you.  Unlike base mega-fairs or other large military career fairs, these events are smaller and more concentrated with jobs that need your experience, so you can reasonably expect to speak with every participating employer in about 90 minutes.

While you can participate in a virtual event from any device (smart phone, tablet or computer) that has internet access, we recommend you find a spot with strong internet access so you don’t drop connection in the middle of a chat. Also, finding a spot that is quiet and not heavily trafficked will help you have a better conversation if the recruiter wants to connect with you via a quick phone call rather than strictly chat.

We use Zoom for these information sessions, so if you do not already have the Zoom app downloaded to your device, please do that before the event starts.

How do I register for a virtual information session?

Click here to see links to register for upcoming virtual information sessions. Once you register for your first event, you will receive periodic updates via email notifying you of upcoming virtual events (with link to register for an event) and alerting you to new employers who have joined the program.