Hosts Military Skills Translator

Started in beta phase in 2015, the site was created to combine all of the various resources for veterans that are available, attempting to provide a one-stop-shop that everyone in the military community had talked about developing.

For years, veterans resources were spread out across different websites and agencies. Now, veterans can access all of their benefits with a single login. In particular, the career and employment section of the site has incredible tools.


  1. Discover your skills and interests. Identify the type of work you enjoy with the Interest Profiler, then explore related career paths.
  2. Learn about job titles and qualifications. Browse careers by industry and learn about jobs that are similar to your MOS using the Military Skills Translator.
  3. Build a resume
  4. Research employers in your area and network
    • Consider a job with the federal government.
    • Review job boards, search job banks, and research openings at companies that interest you.
    • Contact people you have worked with previously, family, and friends to let them know you are looking for a job. They might know of specific openings or might be able to introduce you to people at companies you’ve targeted.
  5. Search online job banks
  6. Go to a career fair. Learn about the career fairs available for Veterans, Servicemembers, and family members.

Military spouses and family members

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