A resume is collected from every service member participating in a physical career fair, and every employer participating in a physical career fair automatically receives access to the resumes submitted for that specific event.

However, the resume database is not limited to just those service members who are able to attend one of the 20+ physical events that occur each year.  Active military members serve around the globe at a very high operational tempo, and it is not always possible for them to get to a physical career fair, even if their time in the military is ending soon.

And, our Guard and Reserve members and veterans live in large, small and rural communities, which may not be within a reasonable commute to where the physical events are occurring.

For those reasons, we offer the resume database as a virtual option.  Service members who are unable to attend a physical event can register for virtual consideration and submit a resume.  Employers who register for access to the entire virtual database will see ALL service member resumes from each of the 20+ physical events PLUS all resumes submitted for virtual consideration.

If an employer sees a potential match between a service member’s skills and geographic location preferences and an open position, the recruiter will reach out to the service member directly for additional discussion.